SmartStream Alliance™ is a software development and research firm specializing in multimedia and messaging technology applied to communications for businesses and organizations.

The business communications world requirements are evolving and shifting. SmartStream Alliance™ has combined an exceptional array of skills and tools to create cost-effective solutions to new and emerging business communications objectives. For our clients, SmartStream Alliance™ is about “Content in Context at the right point of Contact ®”. Just what does this mean?

As the Web has evolved to become a meaningful marketing experience, early methodologies for delivering information have begun to show signs of stress. Spam, pop-ups and other intrusive marketing approaches have placed new challenges on information delivery. Information consumers are being inundated with messages and they require new tools that help them wade through the information tsunami that washes over them each day.

SmartStream Alliance™ provides a new model for delivering branded messages and useful information including video, audio, pictures, and text using a framework that can be customized to meet corporate marketing requirements while providing compelling benefits to each user. SmartStream Alliance™ provides the aggregation technology for gathering, managing, and delivery of content into an intelligent, simple, and eye pleasing format.

SmartStream Alliance™ delivers the future of syndication, today…

Our development team includes specialists in software engineering, database management, Web services, image, sound, as well as creative designers and artists. We offer a unique range of intelligent products and services for business and consumer use.

Smart Stream Alliance technologies are based on open standards and leverage popular platforms for delivering information. We specialize in offering customized solutions for the communications needs of enterprises, small businesses, and other types of organizations.