This freeware demonstration that you are being provided is not an endorsement of John Kerry as the Democratic choice for President of the United States. Neither has anyone in the Kerry campaign endorsed this technology. Rather it is an opportunity for SmartStream Alliance to demonstrate a new technology. Why was John Kerry chosen? The John Kerry supporters and the people that wish to learn more about the campaign should provide a very large venue of clients almost immediately. We would like to get as many as possible to stress test this format with an extremely high user base. After the elections there will be no further use for this version and it will expire. It has an end date. The other and most significant reason is that the features that are built into this aggregator allow for all the changes that will occur on July 29, 2004. After the Democratic National Convention everything in this will change, the graphics, the links, and the content just like magic without any human intervention right on your desktop. We will be adding and deleting Categories and Feeds as the campaign progresses. We also have some surprise features that will manifest themselve as the election gets closer.


For the most part the interface is the same as drawing a rectangle on a whiteboard. We have the ability to fill it in anyway we want from remote in real time and if your company had our technology so would you. These are the features included at the time of release.

1. Time and Date support

2. Election count-down clock

3. Kerry for President graphics

4. Graphical Links for:

John Kerry for President Blog page
Register to Vote

5. Spanish Translation of all content (En Español)

6. Weather
The weather feature after you have setup for the location you desire can be accessed by clicking on the weather link. More forecast information can be obtained by either clicking on one of the weather image representations or from the information panel on the left.

7. Weather Setup
Allows you to set your worldwide weather preferences.

8. Tell a Friend
Sends the following message to a valid email address, letting know the availability of this program:

“Hi (Friends Name),
Just thought I would let you know I just downloaded the John Kerry for President News Reader. It’s free. You can download it too at”

9. Interface Resizing
The magnifying glass lends the ability to resize the interface to full screen mode, by clicking it a second time you return to the standard interface size.
Minimize will draw a “Window Blind” clicking it again you return to the standard interface.
Close or X will return the program to the icon tray.
Icon Tray Graphic will flash in the icon tray alerting you that the John Kerry for President Blog has been updated. This occurs from 4 to 8 times daily.


About John Kerry and About Teresa Kerry aggregated by something we call RSxStream. This is the heart of the server side operation. Both About categories are made into a content form that can be read by the John Kerry Reader and is polled for any changes. If their information changes, so does ours.

In the John Kerry for President category you have the John Kerry for President Blog which is the trigger for the alert feature. This is a monitored RSS feed from the website.

John Kerry News from Yahoo!® again uses the RSxStream to bring only pertinent information from Yahoo!® on John Kerry to the end-users desktop.

All Political Blogs are basically straight forward RSS aggregation the question would be, can you tell which ones aren’t?

The Political Radar category has feeds from the John Kerry site and from multiple websites around the world. Again this is an RSxStream function.

Yahoo!® Groups are acquired by the use of RSxStream technology.