Bill French
Bill French founded Global Technologies Corporation in 1981, a consulting and software product development firm. With a strong background in finance and accounting, Bill’s success in small business systems integration was perfect timing for the PC revolution.
Bill’s work at Global Technologies focused on increased productivity for software developers, leading to the creation of dBRIEF, an editing environment that produced 25% to 50% greater personal efficiency. dBRIEF became the industry leader for PC database programming, garnering more than 80% market share before being acquired by Borland International in 1992. Bill is also co-creator of LapLink, a desktop-to-laptop communications utility. With more than 16 million customers. Bill is also co-founder of MyST Technology partners.

F. Andy Seidl
With more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur in the software industry, Andy has founded and operated two successful software tool companies (SCE, Inc. and Genitor Corporation) each of which were later acquired by public companies. Andy also founded a computer hardware company (UPCO) and later negotiated its sale to a privately held corporation. Most recently, Andy has become a co-founder MyST Technology Partners, an XML web services technology firm. Over the past two decades, Andy has designed and developed dozens of commercial software applications, tools, and services spanning a wide range of markets including many awards and accolades from industry analysts, reviewers, and press.

Harry M. Hayes 
Mr. Hayes brings more than 25 years of experience in high technology sales, marketing, consulting, engineering and management. As an individual entrepreneur since 1974 he has funded and spearheaded start-ups in the fields of satellite delivery to content management systems. Harry is currently the CEO of Sausage Software. Since taking the reins as CEO in 2003, Hayes has steered Sausage Software to constant growth and innovation.

Sonia G. Garcia
SmartStream Alliance™ is pleased to announce the addition of Sonia “Sony” Garcia to the team. With a broad background in all disciplines of conceptual design, whether it’s for program interface design to brochures and album covers. Sony will direct and advise the graphics design team. Since 1987, Ms. Garcia has traveled worldwide as a designer/design consultant to several US and European corporations. From concept to completion her clients are sure to make the right point of contact with their audience.

Ivan Daunis
For two decades, Ivan Daunis has designed and developed dozens of commercial software applications. As CTO, he will oversee all software development and the programming staff. Innovative best describes Ivan and the programming team. For example, for a serverside application take an eps file on the fly, convert it to flash holding background tranparency and slap it to a Viewpoint grid for 3D modeling. As a client you will find the whole team refreshingly solution oriented.

Fionn Reid
As SmartStream Alliance systems engineer he is responsible for the design and upkeep of both the backend hardware cluster solution and the company’s main webservers. All servers are designed with full data redundancy, fault tolerance and load balancing options in mind. This gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently recreate the hardware cluster at other hosting centers around the world.