With the creation of the PRWebâ„¢ NewsReader from SmartStream Alliance, PRWeb users are now able to get all of the information from the PRWeb site directly on their desktop. The PrWebâ„¢ NewsReader allows the user to add 20 feeds (RSS, RDF, Atom) to the My Sources category without registration.. With the full version you can add as many Categories and Feeds as you want (RSS, RDF, Atom). You can also import and export OPML, Check your local weather, and access commonly used programs right from the newsfeeder interface.

PRWeb has offered free online press release distribution services since August 1997. Since then PR Web has gradually made the transition to a fully integrated press release newswire service. Today the service is the largest newswire catering to small and medium sized companies and one of the largest online press release newswires. This NewsReader is unique in that it provides the feeds not only for PRWeb but also for eMediaWire and AmbosMedios which is the Spanish version of PRWeb.
PRWeb is built on a concept which they call Fair Commerce. Fair Commerce is a system that makes services available to users allowing while allowing the users to decide the value to be placed on those services. PR Web does not have established delivery prices for most of its services.
The PRWeb network has been built on the voluntary contributions of its users. PR Web asks its users to take into consideration what similar services cost and contribute accordingly. It’s fair.