SmartStream Alliance™ provides a new methodology for information delivery where brand identity is important and simplicity for end users is critical. This methodology takes advantage of recent research in multimedia an internet technologies and is driven by RSxStream™, an extension of RSS specially designed for news syndication and delivery of high-velocity content for many types of business and marketing solutions.

SmartStream Alliance™ solutions are customized to meet your specific requirements including brand graphics, audio, video, product news, and other information you need to communicate to your customers. Your information delivery solution includes unlimited access to the SmartStream Alliance™ Content Server and your own Macromedia Flash™ News Reader customized to your specifications.

The User Experience
Companies that adopt this forward-thinking method of content delivery sharpen their competitive edge through greater control of the end user experience and the ability to deliver the right content seamlessly and in context to the users interests. RSxStream™ makes it possible for your information to be easily updated at the Content Server without requiring new downloads by end users. As your information or brand message changes, your customers see those changes immediately on their desktops.

The News Reader
The SmartStream Alliance™ News Reader is based on Macromedia’s Flash™ technology and provides a rich experience for viewing news and consuming multimedia-based information. The reader installs on the desktop quickly and configures itself in seconds. The News Reader can deliver many types of content including Web pages, audio files (.WAV, .AU, .MP3, .MP4, etc.), video files (.AVI, .MOV, etc.) Adobe Acrobat™ Files (.PDF), and Microsoft Office™ documents including InfoPath™ forms.

The Content Server
Content for business and marketing objectives is automatically structured into the standards-based RSxStream™ format using the SmartStream Alliance™ Content Server which includes the most advanced multimedia features and content delivery capabilities available today. Content server provide secure as well as open distribution capabilities and a secure Web-based control panel for managing your content streams.

All SmartStream Alliance™ products are based on open standards which afford you the greatest agility when integrating this technology with existing content management systems. With little effort we can integrate the Content Server with most content management systems. The News Reader is also standards-based, providing the ability to receive information from other standards-compliant content services.